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Network Services

Get ready for the future by connecting with MiamiNAP

An estimated 65% of the global economy will be digital by 2022, according to IDC. This means that IT infrastructure needs to be connected to global networks.

Miami is an ideal location for hosting and delivering digital services. Enterprises have the ability to reach markets in Europe and Latin America as well as the United States—the result is that interconnection bandwidth is expected to grow at a 48% CAGR through 2024.
Not going global yet? MiamiNAP can help connect you to customers and partners in Florida through interconnection and transit services. A large selection of providers means getting the bandwidth and performance you need at competitive prices.

Protect business operations and data from threats with access to a variety of network security services such as DDoS mitigation.

A high performance cloud infrastructure needs a fast and reliable network. Choose from a wide variety of network providers for the mix of bandwidth and cost that fits your budget.

The facility houses four different cloud providers, four IX providers, multiple content providers like CDNs and Netflix and hundreds of networks to directly exchange traffic with.

Whether you need to connect to Europe, Latin America or the United States for your business, MiamiNAP can help you connect your business. The facility provides access to several international subsea cable systems such as the Monet system, which offers low latency connectivity between the US and Brazil. If you simply want the ability to connect to business partners in Florida, traffic can be peered with hundreds of businesses thanks to the availability of local Internet exchange (IX) services.

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