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MiamiNAP Colocation Infrastructure

Fast growing companies shouldn’t spend time or money building a data center. Enterprises can get the benefits of a dedicated data center without the headaches by using colocation services.

When you choose MiamiNAP for colocation services, rest assured that your IT systems are colocated in a world-class facility. Benefit from our reliability, high performance, low latency network services, and 99.999% uptime.

Key features of the facility:

  • Tier IV rating with N+2 power and temperature-controlled infrastructure
  • Designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane at wind speeds of 157 mph / 252 km/h or higher
  • The building is outside a FEMA 100-year flood zone and is located 32 feet above sea level.
  • Ergonomic roof structure that is designed to aid in floodwater drainage in excess of 100-year storm intensity, and assisted by 18 rooftop drains
  • 7-inch-thick steel reinforced concrete exterior panels
  • Carrier-neutral building with access to a wide array of service providers
  • Redundant paths for networks
Whether you need a cabinet or a cage, we can help.
Accelerate your business with colocation services from MiamiNAP.

Building security is world-class. A security team monitors the facility 24 x 7 x 365. Security personnel actively monitor all security cameras and exit/access points. Entry is controlled with biometric and photo badge card access to elevators, floors and roof areas. In addition to this, we have state of the art environmental sensors that will notify tenants and mobilize resources in case of an emergency.

Strategy & Insights

Key Facts

A data center is a strategic asset, but can you afford to build one to the demanding standards of a Tier IV facility? Can you afford to build a facility with capacity to expand? With some estimates placing data center costs at between $10M to $11M per Megawatt of capacity, most enterprises are considering colocation instead of building. Here are some interesting facts about the unique NAP of the Americas facility that make it a world-class facility.

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